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Birth Affirmation Cards

Birth Affirmations are phrases or statements that are designed to help you maintain the mindset that you want during the birthing process.

I handwrote birth affirmations (different ones for each pregnancy) and posted them around my bathroom mirror. Each day, as I brushed my teeth, I would read them.  There were 3-4 affirmations that anchored and held me through birth and labour (and they were different for each birth).


I've written these affirmations alternating between narratives e.g. "our baby" or "my baby", so that you can print the ones that most resonate with you.  I have also used familiar hypnobirthing language like surge, rather than contraction. 

These also make an amazing (and affordable) gift.


Investment - NZD$20 download and print yourself (pack of 52 including all narratives and 2 different designs to choose from).

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Gift Vouchers

Can't decide exactly what your Māmā will enjoy or how you can support her?


Why not give a gift voucher? This makes an amazing group gift as well. The baby will have all they need, let's nurture the Māmā and support the whānau (family) so that they get can be at their best as well!

Investment - you choose. All vouchers are given in NZD and are valid for one year. You can also gift a subscription to the online workshops (which gives access for 2 years). 

We also saw Kirsty for some Aware Parenting support...her values and ours were perfectly aligned and we felt and still feel so supported."
- Terri, Māmā of 3
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