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Mama Honouring Pack:

  • Herbal Sitz Baths - take time out to relax and honour your body while promoting physical healing post birth.  Compresses and sitz pads can also be made out of these herbal mixtures. 

  • Rose Oil - use this oil pre and post birth on a daily basis by rubbing it over your belly in a clockwise direction. I encourage you to use a mantra that resonates with you as you connect with your baby or your body and the amazing job it has done carrying your baby(ies).  

  • Bum Butter - suitable for Māmā and baby. Can be soothing for sore bums, hemorrhoids, or nappy rash.  

  • Soothing Balm - soothing and promotes healing for skin wounds, swelling, tears, hemorrhoids and itchiness. 


A wonderful, natural, handmade baby shower gift. 

NZD$109 on it's own, or NZD$89 as a service add-on. 

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