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Nurtured Postpartum
- Online Workshop

Online Workshop Bundle - Nurtured Postpartum & Empowered Parenting

Online Workshop Bundle - Nurtured Postpartum & Empowered Parenting

We usually spend a lot of time preparing for labour and birth - through antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, reading books, talking to friends and family... but what about AFTER the baby comes? What do I need to know about that? What do I need to prepare and plan for in advance before baby comes earthside?

Introducing Nurtured Postpartum - Bite sized workshops that help you plan for postpartum while you're still pregnant. 


This workshop describes ways to meet the 4 essential requirements of a nurtured postpartum. Nailing these elements has a significant impact on the next 40 years of your wellbeing and even impacts how you transition through menopause. With practical tips, tools on how to plan, activities, rituals and meditations, you, your partner, support person and whānau will be equipped with all you need to plan for your holistic recovery, maximise bonding with your baby and decrease your risk of postnatal mood disorders.  


Prerecorded online videos, for you to watch in your own time in the comfort of your own home. 

Editable templates to plan for a nurtured postpartum and let your whānau and friends know what you need. 

Timing: 3 part bite-sized series - 68 minutes total.

  • Part 1 - Why is this so important? Postpartum mood disorders and how to safeguard your mental health postpartum. What is essential postpartum support? (25 mins)

  • Part 2 - How do we meet your needs for essential postpartum support? (15 mins) 

  • Part 3 - Setting boundaries, having hard conversations and what if scenarios - post birth recovery tips, sleep, grief, exercise, and parenting support. (28 mins) 



Unlimited access for 2 years through my website, no software to download. 



Launch special discounted rate of NZD$79.

Buy the bundle & save: Subscribe to both Nurtured Postpartum & Empowered Parenthood Workshops and save $15!

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