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First time parents - give yourself the best possible start

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Connect deeply with yourself and your baby 


Māmā Honouring Ceremonies, or a custom ceremony to your needs, including infant or baby loss.


Phrases or statements designed to help you maintain the mindset that you want during the birthing process.

Unina 3.JPG

This modern take on a traditional Bengkung Belly Bind aids your holistic recovery from pregnancy and birth.

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Bite sized workshops that help you plan for your holistic recovery postpartum while you're still pregnant. 

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Think you could do with all of it? Bundle it all together for a 15% discount. 

"Thanks Kirsty, it was such a beautiful ceremony. It touched my soul and gave me a lot of healing especially around my child's birth story." - Amazing Māmā of 1, debriefing a birth story from 3 years ago in a Group Ceremony.
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