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Services - Before Baby arrives

Online Postpartum Workshops


We usually spend a lot of time preparing for labour and birth - through antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, reading books, talking to friends and family... but what about AFTER the baby comes? What do I need to know about that? What do I need to prepare and plan for in advance before baby comes earthside?

Introducing Nurtured Postpartum & Empowered Parenthood - Bite sized workshops that help you plan for postpartum while you're still pregnant.  Check it out!

Māmā Blessing 


An alternative to a Baby Shower, a Māmā Blessing is an intimate event inspired by an ancient Navajo (Native American) Blessing Way Ceremony. It is designed to surround the expectant Māmā in unconditional love and support and encourage her in preparation for her birthing journey. At the completion of the ceremony, she should feel empowered and inspired.  Each ceremony is customised to the expectant Māmā.


The package includes:

  • Assistance with coordinating attendees and a customised invite

  • Assistance with set-up and pack up

  • Ceremonial foot bath for the Māmā

  • 1 -2 Crafts that you will complete together or for the Māmā (all supplies provided)

  • Meditations

  • Fear releasing ritual (if needed)

  • Centre altar and ambience decorations (crystals, blankets, cushions etc)

  • Some other delicious details that I keep secret until the day 

Up to 3.5 hours (inclusive of set up and pack down. Out of town bookings incur additional travel charges. Please get in touch to find out more. )

Investment NZD$349.

This is a wonderful gift to an expecting Māmā regardless of what number baby this is for her.

Sacred Pregnancy Weekend Retreat


Event Overview

Our 2 day Sacred Pregnancy Retreat is for pregnant Māmā who understand that the transition to Motherhood is one of the biggest events in their life (even if this is not their first baby). We will hold space for you to explore and share all that this means to you. The complex, the conflicted, the confused, the elated, the magical and everything in between. ALL of you is welcome here.  


How do I know this is for me?

You are looking for something more. For a way to deeply connect with yourself, your baby and other pregnant Māmā who are also about to transition into Motherhood. You might have experienced a challenging fertility or pregnancy journey and feel the calling to restore balance, calm and peace into your pregnancy journey. You are open to exploring topics around pregnancy, birth and parenting that run deeper than physiology, and connect deeply with your emotions and feelings and let go of fear and limiting beliefs.   


What will I experience?

We will talk, craft and explore topics around:

  • Creating sacred rituals and practises to connect with yourself and your baby

  • Your expectations around pregnancy and birth

  • Honouring your relationship with your changing body

  • Letting go of fear, embracing forgiveness and giving yourself permission to step into your power

  • The four pillars essential to postpartum support

  • Building your village of Māmā who will walk alongside you in motherhood 


Your retreat experience includes:

  • Wonderfully nourishing homemade vegetarian meals, snacks, tea and coffee

  • All art and craft supplies to spend the weekend creating, connecting and expressing yourself

  • 2 days of support and emotional holding by women passionate about the sacred transition into motherhood (every time you have a baby)

  • Onsite accommodation available for up to 6 guests for an additional cost


Your investment:


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