Parenting with connection - do you want more harmony in your home?

Aware Parenting is based on the work of Aletha Solter, PhD, a Swiss American developmental psychologist, international speaker, consultant and author of 5 books. 


Aware Parenting is recognised internationally as an approach for parents that fosters healthy attachment, helps our children heal from stress and trauma naturally and creates cooperation through democratic discipline (no punishments or rewards).  It builds emotionally supportive, strong and connected relationships between parents and children and also recognises and honours equally, the needs of us as parents.

As an Aware Parenting Coach, I can empower you with tools and strategies to manage challenging behaviours, encourage cooperation and deep connection with your child and provide deep listening for you and your story as a parent. 

Parents who follow this approach raise children who are cooperative, empathetic, intrinsically motivated, connected with themselves and their needs, emotionally healthy, compassionate towards others, non violent and without the need to rebel or numb their feelings with drugs or alcohol as they progress into teen and adulthood.

Please contact me to learn more about this approach and how I can help you, your family, your playcentre, school or organisation through workshops, coaching and one on one sessions.

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"Kirsty is an absolute gem who took the time to really listen to my wife’s story and then to both our views. With the information gathered from us, Kirsty had a lot of knowledge to share with and such a gentle approach to helping us find the keys to achieve the goals we are so wanting for our little girls and how we raise them. We highly recommend if you needing advice and a gentle approach Kirsty is the way to go." - Ricky, Father of 3