Parenting with connection - do you want more harmony in your home?

Aware Parenting is based on the work of Aletha Solter, PhD, a Swiss American developmental psychologist, international speaker, consultant and author of 5 books. 


Aletha is recognised internationally as an expert in healthy attachment, healing trauma and past hurts and creating cooperation without the use of punishments and rewards.


Aware Parenting is about fostering an emotionally supportive, strong and connected relationship between parents and children, where everyone's needs are met, honoured and respected. 


As an Aware Parenting Coach, I can help you understand your child's behaviour by using the healing mechanisms of connection, play, laughter, communication, boundaries, active listening and supported emotional release (tears, tantrums and raging). 

Parents who follow this approach raise children who are cooperative, empathetic, intrinsically motivated, non violent and without the need to rebel or numb their feelings with drugs or alcohol.

Please contact me to learn more about this approach and how I can help you, your family, your playcentre, school or organisation through workshops, coaching and consultations.

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