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Services - After Baby arrives

Māmā Honouring Ceremony


This ceremony is about a deep honouring of the Māmā and all it has taken to bring her baby earthside. It often includes support people that were also there for the birth, the baby and older children and is a healing journey for all. 

Each ceremony is totally customised, but may include:

  • Ceremonial foot bath

  • Debriefing of your birth story(ies) and letting go of anything that no longer serves you

  • Warming oil application to hands, arms, legs, feet, belly

  • Sacred Ceremonial Tuck-in and blessing

  • Many other delicious details that I save for you to experience on the day

Up to 3 hours.

Investment NZD$269

Additional NZD$50 for Belly Binding (see explanation below). Includes one month hireage of the bind.

Out of town bookings incur additional travel charges. Please get in touch to find out more. 

Belly Binding


Belly binding is used in many cultures around the world as a postpartum tradition - it assists in abdominal wall retraction, supports the womb after birth & speeds up the process of contraction, assists healing from a cesarean, improves circulation, supports the spine and posture realignment, supports the pelvic floor, offers back support and is wonderfully warming.  (If you would like to keep your belly bind an additional payment will be required.)  

Belly Binding can be offered as a separate service, which includes a home visit and tutorial on how to use it, a follow up informational email and one month hireage of the bind.


Investment NZD$100 as a standalone service or

NZD$50 when added to a Māmā Honouring Ceremony. 

Virtual Māmā Honouring Ceremony 


In light of Covid-19, I have created a virtual Māmā Honouring Ceremony to support Māmā. This is a beautiful ceremony best completed with your partner or birth support person. This will be customised to each client but may include:

  • Debriefing of your birth story(ies) and letting go of anything that no longer serves you

  • Māmā blessing and body honouring

  • Beautiful closing ritual 

Up to 1.5 hours.

Investment NZD$119. 

Group Māmā Honouring Ceremony 


There is incredible healing and energy in circles of women.


This ceremony is a delicate balance between sharing and listening, strengthening your sisterhood bond and feeling individually honoured as a Māmā. It weaves in elements of the individual ceremony and also some other rituals and learnings that I reveal on the day. We can work around the needs of your baby too.  

It is really important not to feel time pressure in these ceremonies so a group ceremony is limited to three Māmā. An individual ceremony can take between 3-4 hours, so a whole day for the three of you allows us the spaciousness to move through each part in a gentle way.  

Each group ceremony is customised, but will include:

Up to 7 hours.

Investment NZD$600. 


"Kirsty held a beautiful space for me to honour and process my birth, farewell the maiden and step into mother. I feel so nurtured and nourished. She is gentle and present, warm and open. I particularly loved the tuck in, it was such a wonderful process to have each part of my body acknowledged for the work it did in growing and birthing my bub. Thank you for your sacred offerings Kirsty, every woman deserves this!" - Alisa, wonderful new Māmā.

"Thanks Kirsty, it was such a beautiful ceremony. It touched my soul and gave me a lot of healing especially around my child's birth story." - Amazing Māmā of 1, debriefing a birth story from 3 years ago in a Group Ceremony.

"I went to sleep feeling so much lighter and have woken up feeling really relieved... I can’t thank you enough! I can assure you that your ceremonies are so deep, beautiful and beneficial online, none of the essence is lost along the way!" - Beautiful Māmā of 3, debriefing a birth story from 4 years ago, in a virtual ceremony.

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