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I am the lucky wife to Duane and Māmā to Indie and Roman.

I found myself a little lost on the other side of birth after Indie. We had prepared so diligently for birth but I had no idea what I needed to do to nourish, nurture and heal myself post-birth.  It struck me that we are so focussed on the birth of a baby that we forget that a mother is born on that fateful day as well (regardless of how many babies she already has).  

The more I spoke to other Māmās, the more I realised that we all needed our stories to be heard and time to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually after birth.  If Māmās didn't receive this support, I saw the resurfacing of pregnancy or birth trauma when they became pregnant with their second child (myself included) which sometimes led to further traumatic pregnancy or birth experiences.

And then beyond birth... we are responsible for parenting these wonderful little people too!  Sometimes this can be triggering as we find ourselves reliving trauma from our own childhood. In my own parenting journey, I became increasingly anxious at the sound of my daughter crying and I would do anything to stop it... by the time she was nine months old, she had so many accumulated feelings and tension in her body that her toes were permanently curled. I knew that something wasn't right and this is when I stumbled upon Aware Parenting and everything changed for our family. We now have the tools to hold space for our children so that they can move through their big feelings and we have learnt how to honour our own need to heal from past hurts as well.  We are more connected to ourselves and each other and we can create cooperation without the use of rewards or punishments. 

I am so passionate about listening to your story, about helping you to feel nourished, nurtured and honoured as a Māmā and about supporting you and your family in your unique journey in Parenthood. 


I hope that this kind of care for Māmās and their families will help us create happier and more connected Māmās, babies, families and communities. 



My Training
Certified Sacred Mother Roaster 

The Sacred Living Movement 


Introduction to Relaxation Massage

New Zealand College of Massage


The Inner Loving Presence Process

6 week personal development course by Marion Rose, PHD, Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor


Babywearing Tauranga Volunteer 

Peer-to-peer babywearing support and advice



Certified Aware Parenting Coach

Aware Parenting Institute


The Accelerator Program

Inspiring Conscious Evolution - 52 week personal development course by Amanda Fleming


Previous career experience and qualifications 

Double degree in Hospitality Management and Business majoring in Human Resources and Employment Relations

with 8 years experience in Human Resources, including creating and facilitating learning and development programmes for adults across multiple industries. 

"I don't even know how to thank you for today... That was just such a beautiful session, you have found your calling - this is what you were made to do. Everything about it was perfect, the mothering world is a more beautiful place and an incredibly lucky one to have you in it thank you Kirst, thank you, thank you, thank you." - Hannah, Māmā of 2

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