Am I the support you need?

Are you a Mum or do you know a special Mum that you would like to honour?

Pregnancy and birth are one of the biggest events in a woman's life - it requires us to be open, vulnerable and raw.  

To hold space for you to feel supported, seen and heard as you navigate this rite of passage, I offer:

  • Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Weekends

  • Māmā Blessings (an alternative to a baby shower)

  • Nurtured Postpartum Workshops

  • Empowered Parenthood Workshops

  • Māmā Honouring Ceremonies

Whether you are a first time or seventh time Māmā, became a Māmā 2 days ago or 25 years ago, or you have a woman in your life that you would like to honour, I am here for you.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the services that I provide online, in the Nelson-Tasman region and at request, in other locations around New Zealand.

Do you want to create more connection and cooperation in your family?

Beyond birth, parenting is a journey which can be full of wonder and magic and also relentless and overwhelming. 


Please get in touch if you would like support with helping your child to:

  • Develop healthy ways to express emotions 

  • Respond empathetically and compassionately towards their siblings and others

  • Navigate big changes like a new sibling, moving house, or a change in family dynamics

  • Sleep more peacefully without sleep training

  • Cooperate willingly without the use of rewards and punishments

  • Heal from stress and trauma and

  • Foster a strong connection with you and within themselves


All of this can be done in ways that honour and respect everyone's needs (including yours!) and leads to long-term family cohesion.

Mother Holding Baby
Family Time
"So much can be said for Kirsty and her amazing work. From the warm and calming presence she brings into your bubble to the personal touches she adds to whatever service she is giving; she is, in two words, soul repairing. I'm a very reserved and private person so I was very nervous before she turned up for my "Honouring Mamas" ceremony, however that flew out the door as I opened it to greet her into my home. She has a warm presence about her that allowed me to let my walls down and open up about my birthing story. Through her and her work I gained healing and strength. I was in emotional distress when she arrived (from my birth) to completely free and the weight lifted when she left. I encourage any Māmā to reach out to Kirsty, if not for healing then just for pampering because once she's finished with you you'll feel like a Queen! My partner also sat through the ceremony with me and shared his experience with her and he too gained so much from having her in our home. We thankyou from the bottom of our hearts Kirsty." - Kura, wonderful first time Māmā