Am I the support you need?

Are you a Mum or do you know a special Mum that you would like to honour?

Pregnancy and birth are one of the biggest events in a woman's life - it requires us to be open, vulnerable and raw.  

From Sacred Pregnancy Retreat Weekends, to empowering Mother Blessings (an alternative to a baby shower), to Nurtured Postpartum Workshops while you are still pregnant, to Māmā Honouring Ceremonies and beautiful homemade products once your baby is earthside, I will hold space for you to feel supported, seen and heard as you and your family journey through this rite of passage.

Whether you are a first time or seventh time Māmā, became a Māmā 2 days ago or 25 years ago, or you have a woman in your life that you would like to honour, I am here for you.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the services that I provide.

Do you want to create more connection and cooperation in your family?

Beyond birth, parenting is a journey which can be full of wonder and magic and also relentless and overwhelming. 


Please get in touch if you would like support with helping your child to:

  • Develop healthy ways to express emotions 

  • Respond empathetically and compassionately towards their siblings and others

  • Navigate big changes like a new sibling, moving house, or a change in family dynamics

  • Sleep more peacefully without sleep training

  • Cooperate willingly without the use of rewards and punishments

  • Heal from stress and trauma and

  • Foster a strong connection with you and within themselves


All of this can be done in ways that honour and respect everyone's needs (yours included!) and leads to long-term family cohesion.

Mother Holding Baby
Family Time